"Our goal is to make it possible for small and medium size businesses to take advantage of outsourcing opportunities overseas so that they may stay competitive in today's changing markets"






Our Vision

"Our vision is to make every small and medium sized business in America consistently stable and profitable through quality outsourcing overseas"


"Globalization is a process where regional economies and businesses get integrated with the rest of the world. With speedier transportation and efficient and low cost means of communication, distances lose significance. The result is that the world begins to "shrink.” In recent years it has become feasible to outsource to international markets with almost the same ease as in domestic ones. Contact us today to find out how you can take advantage of this."

Benefits of Outsourcing

» Decrease Overhead substantially

» Decreased Production time

» Greater control over materials in production processes

» Quality Control

» Ease of Prototype production

» Save time, resources, and money on Data Entry, Information services, website and graphic design

 Welcome to Empyrean Group
Empyrean Group is one of the industry leaders in outsourcing overseas. Here at EG we strive to offer an unlimited variety options and services to meet all the unique needs of our clients. We offer everything from research studies to ensure feasibility of of your project, to vendor coordination, prototyping, Intellectual Property Rights, tooling and dies, factory formation and even joint venture opportunities. At EG we understand the volatile and rapidly changing nature of the US marketplace. With this in mind our team of professionals implements the newest technologies and techniques in outsourcing to best serve our clients. Our vision is to make it possible for small and medium sized businesses to take advantage of globalization and expand into the international market. Whether you are looking to just purchase inventory overseas or to open your own factory to save on production costs, EG is the outsourcing expert for you.
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